16 Week

Endurance & Strength Training

This program will help everyone from the couch potato to high level athlete, achieve top physical preparedness for the areas major upcoming October races.


In last year's area races, numerous CrossFit fitness enthusiasts enjoyed not only podium finishes, including multiple 1st place finishes. They also enjoyed lots of PR's (Personal Records) and overall more enjoyable runs.  This is because of their ability to maintain total body mechanics for a more sustainable period of time.


Long distance runners have proven that endurance and stamina are not the only two requirements for a strong and safe runner. Strength and more is also needed to to provide the body with the ability to help maintain good motor and muscle mechanics through long runs. Especially with the areas unique terrain, constant up and down hill routes, and changing surfaces, all provides for a constant need in total body control. 


To prepare for the upcoming races, we will be using a 16 week program that is proven to work. It works by immersing you into functional fitness for strength, and speed, while providing you programming to optimize your ability to run longer more comfortable distance.  Bonus! You'll also be getting in really good shape!

Program Details
1/2 Marathon Training
16 Weeks
Mon/Wed/Fri - Train at Gym
Tue/Sat - Complete assigned run programming on track, road, or trail.
Thurs/Sun - Rest
Obstacle Course Training
Weeks 1-8
Mon/Wed/Fri - Train at Gym
Tue/Sat - Complete assigned run programming on track, road, or trail.
Thurs/Sun - Rest
Weeks 9-16
Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri - Train at Gym
Sat - Complete assigned run programming on track, road, or trail.
Thurs/Sun - Rest
Gym Times 
4:30/5:30/6:30 PM
3 Payment Options
Sign up with a friend and save!
All up front - $225
All up front  w/ a friend - Only $200 Each!
2 Payments* - $125 x 2
2 Payments w/ a friend - $110 x 2
3 Payments** - $85 x 3
3 Payments w/ a friend - $75 x 3
*1st payment due at registration, 2nd within 30 days
**1st payment due at registration, 2nd within 30 days, 3rd within 60 days

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What is functional fitness? Functional Fitness is fitness derived from using full range of motion movements. Fitness that is best suited for everyday life and sport.

Do we lift weight? Yes, the programming has weightlifting combined with body weight movements.

Do I need to know how to lift? Not at all.  If you are new to anything, one of our experienced coaches will help you learn.

What will the run programming look like? The run programming will gradually ramp up distance and interval intensity over the 16 weeks. You will also be given a warm up routine. Example week: Tue - 12 x 400M rest 1:1/Saturday 5 K Test

What if I can't make some gym days? It's ok. We will give you supplemental endurance training.

Can the program be modified? Progress and results dependent, more or less gym work may be needed and or wanted. We can and possibly will slightly modify gym work after the 8 week mark.

Do I have to start on the June 17th? You can start earlier, but not later than the 19th. If you start earlier, you can start on any Mon/Wed/Fri gym day and will be given warm up programming for endurance based on your current level.

Do I need to be in shape or be able to run a certain distance? No, we have multiple levels of programming available.  You will be asked a few questions at check out that will determine your programming group.

What are gym days like? Fun group workouts lead by a coach.  Groups consist of all experience levels, we are always growing which means we ALWAYS have new members just like you!

Is this CrossFit training? Yes, and no. The gym days are CrossFit days.  CrossFit is the best way to get and stay physically fit and healthy, no question there. Your programming though is developed by Endurance athletes and coaches that have crossed over into CrossFit. These two 16 week programs are specifically programmed to make anyone better at running a 1/2 marathon or a 6-8 mile OCR.

What happens after the 16 weeks? First, you will go set a PR or win a race!  Next, after feeling and seeing your fitness, you'll likely want to continue to look good and feel good.  You'll also likely have the CrossFit bug. You can continue with CrossFit training and programming for as low as $75 per month.